Our Goal

The Dudley Youth Council (DYC) is a Youth Organisation consisting of Young People aged 11-19 (and up to 25 for those with disabilities) supported by the Dudley Youth Service and various other organisations.

DYC, as stated by the constitution of 2018, aims:

  • To improve aspects of the Dudley Borough including places for young people to meet.
  • To stimulate and improve consultation between young people in the Dudley Borough area and all persons in a position of power.
  • To raise and improve the profile of young people in the Dudley Borough area by promoting a positive image of young people.
  • To promote and encourage equal opportunities for all young people in the area.



          1. Involving young people in positive community action

          2. Acting as a link body between young people in the Dudley area and the area

               authorities, as well as the rest of the community in general

          3. Acting as a voice for young people’s views

          4. Building and having close links with the local media

          5. Becoming involved in projects which benefit and improve the facilities and services

                within the local area, focusing especially on those most used by young people.

          6. Networking with young people through social media.