Chair Person's Welcome


My name is Oliver Preece, the current chairperson of Dudley Youth Council. I have been involved with the youth council for four years now and now I have the pleasure of being chair. This year, we as a council are going to continue on our two main campaigns. One being Homelessness in Dudley which we began last year and have been working very closely with groups such as CHADD. It has shown how important this issue is and how numbers are going to continue rising should we not start doing something about it. Our other main issue is the national campaign of a ‘Curriculum For Life’, the highest voted issue according to young people in Dudley. 


I intend that the youth council build links to more groups with in Dudley. We have begun making ties with the Children in Care Council (CiCC) whom helped us greatly with our award ceremony, Dudley Youth Awards. 


Should you wish to contact us, we have social media as well as this website, please go and check out what we are up to.


Thank you for reading,

Oliver Preece

Oliver Preece

Chairperson - 2018/19