Frequently Asked Questions


Who oversees the Youth Council?

Dudley Youth Service Workers assist the Youth Council in a variety of ways.


How can I get in touch with the Youth Council?

There are multiple ways of getting in touch with us:

  • Live Chat - Located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen;
  • Contact Us Form - Located here or;
  • Bug Reporting - Located here.


How can I get involved?

You can get involved with the Youth Council by meeting various requirements and filling out an application form. The Youth Council Year begins in April each year, and applications open before our Annual General Meeting (AGM). You can check out the joining requirements and check if applications are open here.


What is the Dudley Youth Awards (or DYA)?

The Dudley Youth Awards is an annual celebration of Young Peoples' achievements held and organised by DYC which is usually held in March of each year. Nomination forms for the ceremony (if open), a list of the award categories from last year's Awards (subject to change, more information soon) and more information on the Youth Awards can be found here.